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Sajid Rahman A Promising Musician from Bangladesh



Sajid Rahman popularly known as Musician is a Bangladeshi based Artist from Dhaka,Bangladesh.Born in 06th June,1998 in Tangail.Sajid started his musical carrier at age 10.

He is basically a Tabla Player & Percussionist.His father has been his only inspiration since childhood.

Sajid is currently living in Dhaka,Bangladesh.He handles his musical carrier so nicely side by side his Medical Profession & doing concerts all across Bangladesh..

Sajid has also received training on Indian Classical Dance for more than 10 years from different gurus across the world namely Pandit Birju Maharaj,Pandit Swapan Chowdhury,Shamim Ara Nipa,Shibli Mohammad,Dr.Shoma Mumtaz.Among his dance forms Kathak,Bharatnatyam,Indian Folk Dance were noteworthy.He took part in various Dance competition & received several awards.

Sajid is a Lifetime enlisted Musician on Bangladesh Television(BTV) & also a Content Creator on YouTube.His YouTube Channel got Verification Badge recently.He is also a Verified Spotify Artist.

Worth Mentioning,Sajid was the Youngest Performer from Bangladesh on ICC World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony.Also performed in many National Programme all over Bangladesh.

His works got wide range of Media Coverage including Newspaper,TV Channel across home & abroad.

Sajid has been learning Tabla for last 18 years.He has performed on several TV Shows & performs in Concerts all across Bangladesh.His main art form is Indian Classical.Currently,he is learning under his Guru Ustad Ilias Khan disciple of Ustad Alla Rakha & Ustad Kamruzzaman Moni.

Sajid is very much experienced in Composing & Professional Stage Concerts.Some of his works can be found on YouTube,Facebook,Spotify & other Social Platforms.

Currently,He is studying MBBS in a Renowned Medical College.He is a bright student from his childhood.He handles his Study & Music side by side very nicely.

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Gopal Dhakal: Know everything about famous Nepali cricketer Gopal Dhakal



Gopal Dhakal
Gopal Dhakal (born 29 December 1998) is a Professional Cricketer in the Nepali Sports. He is a left handed batsman, and a left- arm off spinner. He started his cricketing career from Jhapa Nepal. A simple , mild mannered , socially confident and as like every youth primarily loves travelling ,exploring new places. He was only the first cricketers from Jhapa to play in Tripura Ali Mustafa Cricket League first ever One Day match in 2018. The young man is now busy in his cricketing profession.
The Young boy, Gopal Dhakal is from east Nepal. The family and his childhood belong from the Jhapa District of Province No.1. He was born on the Biratpokhar village of Jhapa District on the day of 29 December of the year 1998.
He spent his childhood life there with his family and after a while his family moved from Biratpokhar to a Birtamode City for his and her sister better education.
Moving towards the childhood of Gopal Dhakal then we can find that he was truly passionate about Cricket. More than anything he use to love and play cricket from childhood. The childhood of him is totally based on the cricket.He first started his primary schooling life from Abacus English Boarding School and completed his secondary level from Commoners´ Home For Education and completed his +2 level in management faculty from the college of Jhapa named COHED College.
Here are some tips from Gopal Dhakal on how to become cricketer: 
There are also some helpful links through the article Professional Cricketer Gopal Dhakal is going to give you some more reading and advice. So get stuck in and get to the nets.
Practice often : You know the law of ten thousands. Its not too hard and fast but the idea that you need to put in a lot of practice is true. The earlier you start, the better you can practice and play and the more you practice, the better you’ll get. There is no any substitute.
Be pushy : If you are working too hard and producing results you deserve to be noticed. If that isn’t happening you can push yourself into the limelight. Ask your coaches what you need to do to get to the next level and keep coming back to them when you have done what they asked. Jut do it in a polite way and discipline way.
Get mentally tough : Cricket can be lost and won in the head probably more than any other game. It’s essential to learn the techniques to make your mental toughness and to win as well developed as your cover drive or googly. Practice this element relentlessly until it is part of your make up. You need to be able to bounce back from failure, win ugly and ride the wave of success in equal measures. That takes time but you will be playing so much you have plenty of games to hone the skills.
Get a Coach : A coach is an uncommon thing in cricket but it can make a big difference to whether you can make it or not. Coach can’t only help you and it depends how much they help is up to you, they can also argue your case for moving to the next level. Utilizing a coach is expensive and time consuming. However, a coach will be able to help you improve faster than you ever could on your own. The more time you spend one-on-one with a coach, the better your cricket game will be. Find someone you trust and admire and be confident enough to ask them their opinion. Most people love to talk about themselves so listen to what they say and see what you can learn. If you get runs and wickets consistently enough at one level, you can move forward to the next on merit.
Watch the professionals play. Watch pro cricket games whenever you get the chance, whether it’s in person, on Television, or online. While you watch, examine the different techniques that your favorite players use. Do your best to absorb as much information as you can.

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Magazine max- The entrepreneurs magazine in india






magazine Max is the artwork of Indian entrepreneurship and the brand new outlook of Indian entrepreneurs.

In India, there are about 59 million entrepreneurs proper now, in accordance with the newest report by google however it was noticed that the rise of entrepreneurs in India majorly comes within the class of children.

Sure, these kids on the age of 15- 25 years are redefining the artwork of entrepreneurship by way of their onerous work and hustle.Actually, the elders are almost about 10 % who’re turning into entrepreneurs. The fervour to turn out to be an entrepreneur is seen in these younger children extra.Many college students on the age of faculty and school have turn out to be self-dependent and have even began supported their households when it comes to financially. And amongst them there a number of college students who even turn out to be a millionaire on the age of 19, 20 and 21.That is why journal max is created to assist all the scholars who wish to begin their profession as an entrepreneur. Via journal max, they wish to join all of the profitable India’s creators, entrepreneurs, and builders to show their expertise, errors, and methods to others who wish to turn out to be like them sooner or later.
Via journal max, they wish to join all of the profitable India’s creators, entrepreneurs, and builders to show their expertise, errors, and methods to others who wish to turn out to be like them sooner or later

web site magazine max

Instagram magazine max


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London Influencer Kenza Boutrif Takes Fashion World by Storm



Building off of her powerful foundation on social media, North London’s Kenza Boutrif has become an in-demand, stylish beauty in the fashion world. In just two years she’s proven her look and demeanor are a perfect mix for the time.

It’s no easy task building a social media following, especially in the last year with more people online exploring these possibilities than ever. Even harder is getting a break and noticed in the world of fashion. You wouldn’t know it with a glance at 19-year-old rising influencer Kenza Boutrif, a name and face on thousands of minds, everywhere from Instagram to an eye-opening range of fashion modeling appearances. The latest truly impresses. Kenza recently celebrated getting her first big fashion break, delivering an ASOS Must Haves edit to rave reviews, and becoming the face of this exceptional fashion brand. Her work with ASOS has been met with a passionate response.

“I’ve loved fashion and posed in outfits since I started my Instagram when I was 13,” remarked the smiling Kenza. “So this has been a steady progression from being seen and delivering valuable content on social media, which led to my being scouted by an amazing modeling agency. And now my ASOS Must Haves edit! It’s really all a big dream come true. But I am taking this for granted. I’ll keep working hard, being true to myself and my followers, and putting my all into every opportunity that I pursue!”

It’s easy to see why the fashion world has its eyes on this rising star. Having an honest and authentic 700,000 plus followers on Instagram shows her ability to capture attention and build loyalty. With six years of amateur modeling, fashion, and lifestyle content on social media and her popularity rising all of the time, there’s no reason why her look and style wouldn’t work outside of social media as well.

While Kenza reps her beloved North London full force, her background is quite interesting and diverse. Born in Belgium to Congolese and Algerian parents, she was raised until six speaking French, until she was brought to England with her family and the rest is history. Kenza embraced London and it has embraced her back, with her popularity in the U.K. market quite exceptional. She represents a U.K. that can be inclusive and inspiring. It’s only natural young British girls love having a U.K. influencer who understands where they are coming from, who they are, and encourages them to be their best.

The next year is poised to be something quite special for Kenza continuing her momentum. Rather than lay back and get depressed she reports that she has used the lockdown to build her creative energy and ideas to help make her vision of the future come true and her name an even bigger force in the world of fashion, modeling, social media influence, and far beyond.

At such a quick star at just 19, and possessing beauty, focus, and a level head that values goal setting and long-term accomplishments, the near and far future is sure to have the world seeing much more of this rising star. To stay up to date on Kenza Boutrif be sure to check out her website.

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