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Real estate entrepreneur Yusuf Jamal says “Get a financial education before starting a business”



The mitochondrion is the powerhouse of cells. We all memorized this information in school, which is no doubt helped us to secure good marks in school tests, but alas it could not add any value to life lessons.

The education system is the actual core of our money-making problem. Schools do not teach us how to handle taxes, how to make our money flow, or how to become financially independent without getting a degree. The fun fact is a degree is necessary to get a job, but having a degree does not ensure your financial security.

The turmoil between having a degree and working on financial independence kills the middle-class students. Their parents cannot afford certain types of professional guidance which makes the high-class students different from them.

Yusuf Jamal founder of Platinium View Home Solution belongs to a middle-class family of a small town in Kairana district in Muzaffarnagar. His financial condition was not fair enough to continue his study peacefully. When other students were leading a chill life, and only worrying about getting good grades in upcoming semesters, Yusuf Jamal ( Sony Qazi ) left home at the age of 17 and started working in a BPO center at night time. He continued his education while doing a part-time job in a courier service.

He completed his degree simultaneously while doing part-time jobs to continue his education.

After completing his graduation, Yusuf Jamal took a club on lease in partnership in 2010. Within 2 years, he managed to successfully run 1 club and 4 restaurants in partnership.

Yusuf Jamal continued to grow his business in various terms. He found his interest in Real estate and started digging till he reached the core of it. A business mind with positive determination can do wonders, and the same happened with Yusuf Jamal. He is generous and has a promising personality. Confirming a deal with Yusuf Jamal ( Sony Qazi ) does not carry any fraud, and this honesty helped him to grow in the field of business. Because having faith in each other is an important essence of businessman or entrepreneurs.

He was doing great in his field, and his fast grasping power was helping him to gain more knowledge about business ideas. Yusuf Jamal wanted to lead his life in a way so that none of his next generations need to face the same consequences as Yusuf Jamal.

Yusuf Jamal (Sony Qazi ) started doing small projects like renovation, shops, ground floor, etc, in 2015 under Platinium View Home Solution. Yusuf Jamal completed more than 50 buildings including 2BHK, 3BHK, and some government projects. In 2017 he became the angel investor of Your shell, which was bought by Stanza Living in 2020. His being an angel investor in this start up changed the fate of the entrepreneurs.

By 2019, Yusuf Jamal became the owner of every Bansal Class in Uttarakhand. Yusuf Jamal learned the game of real estate religiously and played accordingly. He also provides manpower to various businesses. More than 25,000 youths have been employed through Yusuf Jamal.

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Bheru Lal Teli – Contributes To ‘The Digital India’ Change With His Profound Skills




Bheru Lal Teli is an active contributor to the digital India movement, this started way back before the pandemic hit us all strongly, and it is almost unfortunate that we could not go through a positive change through the digitalization of the world. However, just because everyone is a little bit late to this, does not mean that they cannot achieve more from this particular field of career. Bheru Lal Teli has worked very hard to reach this place, and only at the age of 26 he has already achieved more than half of what people dream about.

“What I personally think is the digitalization of India is extremely important, and does not just concern the professional digital marketers but also the other individuals like the common people. Since there are various brands we’re trying to have farm and established brands in this world, they need a lot of promotional services that can uplift their brand. This is the reason why digital marketers like us are working hard everyday, to help out then specifically so that their business is running smoothly. Since the very beginning I have worked very hard on this. It was my effort and also passion towards digital marketing that has brought me into such a place. Not everyone can focus on their work, This is why passion is important, if you want to focus you have to notice daily activities that you do. For example, whenever I am working along with a client on social media marketing or digital marketing, I always enthusiastically look up the details for the concerned client, and create campaigns as well as advertisements unique to other ones.” Says Bheru Lal Teli.

As a social media marketer, he has worked along with a number of clients, who have received positive results from him. After he started working in the digital marketing industry, he soon realised that this work requires a lot of practise and constant updating. So, instead of wasting time, he dedicates at least a minimum number of hours everyday to research about the different strategies that are trending recently, and then moves on to the work that is actually provided. This trial and error method, through experimentation and complete analysis has always led Bheru Lal Teli into success.

According to Bheru Lal Teli, success is not something easily achievable and only the ones who try their hardest will be able to acquire it. his dream is to become one of the best entrepreneurs and marketers from our country, and he is certainly not going to stop unless he has reached a respectable position in his profession. Striving for a better tomorrow, he continues to work hard everyday.

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Brand Gridly– The Only Digital Marketing Agency that Brands Need To Shine, With Experienced Skill Of CEO – Deven Bapna



The World is Full of Great Ideas and Great Products That Come from Those Ideas But unlike the advice of some, a great product can’t always sell itself. Marketing, specifically digital marketing, is what separates good companies from great ones. It’s what helps great products go from being obscure to being talked about.

Deven Bapna the founder of Brand Gridly, a quickly growing digital marketing agency that has produced deep results for its clients. They’re helping skyrocket companies across Canada, UAE, India, and the US with their newly discovered methodology in the digital marketing world.

Taking on a new business venture in the midst of a pandemic that has chewed up and destroyed countless businesses and dreams is a risk. But deven have persevered and been able to not just survive, but thrive. They both grew up with entrepreneurial ambitions, and quickly learned after owning multiple companies in the digital and fashion markets that they wanted to take the leap to the next level.

This led him to build Brand Gridly  From the Agency’s website,“Brand Gridly is not just another agency. We are your A-Z marketing partner. Helping businesses and brands both big and small with accurate, efficient and effective digital strategies tied with over 10 years of marketing leadership for digital marketing, influencer marketing and social media marketing. We grow your business and or brands through our ever-growing web tools and expert methodology. The Humble team are experts and will generate organic traffic to your businesses and brands through Brand Deals, PPC, SEO, Google Search Ads, Display Ads, Brand Awareness, Online Sales, and much more!”

“The young entrepreneur is quickly expanding beyond just standard digital marketing practices to social media marketing and influencer marketing. The BG roster holds top artists who have built their own following almost exclusively on social media, such as pop artist Aiden Myers and country artist Justin Tyler.”

Deven Bapna is expanding their influencer niche to fitness, lifestyle, travel, MUA, and much more. Deven explains, “Social platforms have become the tycoons of social media marketing for our generation. We can expect this to consistently grow every single day.”

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Entrepreneur Yannick van den Bos Overcame Adversity To Build A Successful Business Empire



Yannick van den Bos has never imagined that his life would take a complete U-turn when he plunged into digital entrepreneurship. As a young guy, who had no previous knowledge on starting a business online, all that he wanted was to ensure security of income for his family.

Yannick had faced a lot of hardship before he tasted success. His exposure to entrepreneurship at a young age eventually paved his way into becoming a sought-after digital marketing expert and the rest is history.

“At a young age my mom took me to a hotel meeting for a network marketing company. I really didn’t want to go, as I preferred playing my computer games. But little did I know that this moment would change my life forever. I had the first taste of digital entrepreneurship.” Yannick stated in his recent interview.

Apart from being a successful digital marketer, Yannick is also a well-known keynote speaker, affiliate marketer, business coach, and social media expert.

Determination And Courage

Yannick believed his hardships and struggles made him more courageous and determined. He attributes his success to his humble background and life struggles—when his dad lost a job and his mom couldn’t pay off debts even after working for 16+ hours a day.

Today, he travels across the globe. He experiences all the luxuries and amenities of life. But Yannick’s well-deserved success didn’t come easily. He has really worked hard to reach where he is today.

There were times when he had to spend countless hours on the internet to understand the complex world of affiliate marketing and online business. He had successfully overcome all odds because of his relentless passion to do something big in life and uplift his family out of financial struggle.

True Inspiration

Yannick learned most of his skill sets from the Internet. But his true success came when he sought mentorship from successful entrepreneurs who had the success and life he was seeking for.

He continuously reads and researches to continue sharpening his knowledge and perception on digital marketing strategies. He believes self-education is critical to one’s overall development and success.

Yannick is also a great proponent of business innovation. He believes every entrepreneur has to add necessary innovation to their products and services to combat cut-throat competition.

Future Ahead

As an affiliate marketing expert, Yannick believes any person can start earning online by spending four-five hours every day. The easiest way to get started is to promote information products — as it doesn’t require any overhead expenses. Gradually they can easily start selling other types of products too.

“It’s all a number game. Once you figure out how to start earning $2 by investing $1, then it becomes a matter of scaling these numbers by retaining the similar or better returns. ” Yannick Concluded.

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