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Winners are not those who never face failure but are those who turn the failures into success. Consistent hard and smart work along with intense perseverance and patience are the key principles of gaining prosperity and becoming successful. Pranesh Pravin Walawalkar is one such personality who writes his success story by following the path of these values. Pranesh faces a lot of troubles and lack of opportunities during his journey of becoming a renowned modern rangoli making artist but he always keep believe in himself and consistently work hard.

Pranesh is a 20 years old artist who always tries to create unique art pieces with his innovative ideas. He started developing passion for art at a very young age. When he was nine years old he first time participated and won second prize in an art competition that become the basis of his career in arts. Although in the beginning there were not much resources and opportunities but with determination and constant struggle he searched them and become what he is today. In his early days he didn’t even get the support of his family but soon they realised his passion for modern art and gifted him a mobile that help him in collecting more information and knowledge of the new age art designs and structures. Many famous artists too guides him about the new style rangoli designing.

Pranesh is one such soul who is too much devoted to his passion and love for art. He currently a Hyper-Realistic Portrait Rangoli Artist. He always tries to reflect reality of life in his art pieces and create them in such a way that become too appealing for the audience. Pranesh is one such hard-working person who never gives up in his life. His positive approach towards life helps him a lot in becoming successful in life.

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Artist / Musician

Kazi Anas releases his debut single ‘KHELAGHOR’



Kazi Anas

Kazi Anas, a Bangladeshi Islamic Nasheed Artist and a Rising Star of Bangladesh is a young talent and praised by everyone for his debut single ‘Khelaghor‘. Kazi Anas is not only an Islamic artist but also an all-rounder in every field. He is also a Vlogger, Influencer, Graphic Designer and also a Sound Designer. He is the Founder and CEO of the Recording label ‘Kazi Records‘.

Kazi Anas’s debut single Nasheed ‘Khelaghor’, which is written by Saleh Uddin Siddik and the music video is directed by Kazi Shafayat, depict the story of repentance of sinner in a beautiful way. ‘Khelaghor’ is recorded in ‘Kazi Records’ and published on YouTube as a music video. Recently, It is also published in Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and so many other music platforms.

Born and raised at Daudkandi, Cumilla of Bangladesh, Kazi Anas always want to be an International Nasheed Artist. He leaps one step forward when YouTube officially recognized him as an artist. Recently, Kazi Anas got the verified Artist Badge of YouTube on his official Channel ‘Kazi Anas‘ and became third among Bangladesh Nasheed Artists to achieve this honourable badge. He is also a verified artist on Spotify. These recognizations will accelerate his career in a new dimension. He was also called from Bangladesh National Television for performing a song that will be telecast in the upcoming Ramadan.

Iqbal Hossain Jibon, popularly known as Iqbal HJ, A famous Islamic Nasheed Artist of Bangladesh, praised Kazi Anas several times for his Awesome Cover Nasheed ‘Proshno‘. Recently Iqbal HJ is so excited when he got a mashup of his previous Nasheed in a Mashup by Kazi Anas in Iqbal HJ’s Birthday. In His Facebook status, he wrote,

“This is really my pleasure to have this video on this day, it’s a surprising gift as many of my songs has sung in one video by youngster Kazi Anas. Best of luck.”

Kazi Anas, An Islamic Nasheed Artist, is a man of determination, leadership, flexibility, creativity, self-confidence, passion and good behaviour. Everyone is impressed by his behaviour. He always treats the poor and rich in the same manner. He is also aware of his fashion. Many youngsters follow his style and behaviour.

Kazi Anas has indeed proved that nothing is impossible to achieve if one works hard to accomplish their goals and they can do wonders in their career irrespective of their age if they desire to reach the top is strong. He stands as a fine example of it. Kazi Anas always says, “I don’t want to be famous. I want to believe in myself. Because If you can believe in yourself, you can conquer the world.”

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Meet Yetsi: A Young Musician Who is Building Her Own Brand as a Singer Who Fuses Rhythms and Genres and Who Wants to Work With Other Women



Born and raised in Venezuela, Yetsimar Jiménez Urbáez is an unstoppable artist who brings her fusion of Latin pop, R&B and reggaeton rhythms to the music world. Known by her stage name Yetsi this singer songwriter is quickly making a name for herself.

Gifted with a beautiful voice, Yetsi has been profoundly impacted by music all of her life. From as little as four years old she began to sing and perform. It was her passion for music, along with her years of experience what helped her thrive in her art during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic actually allowed me to focus on the composing aspect of my music, and improving my sound-which is very important for me. This gave me the time to connect with other amazing musicians and composers from the city that I live and love: Miami.”

However, halfway through her college career, Yetsi was faced with the question of what to do with her life. Her answer was to follow her passion for music and devote herself fully to grow her craft in the United States, where she has been for the last six years.

Yetsi’s resilience has led her to overcome different challenges and achieve her current success. She came to the United States as a teenager and while following her passion for music, she had to find other ways to make ends meet.

“I was a waitress during the day, and at night I would sing at restaurants. I was like a two for one special! I had a lot of sleepless nights. It’s hard being by yourself in a new country. It’s either sink or swim, resting is not an option.” Yetsi explains.

Overall, Yetsi appreciates what she went through. Through the years, she has met and worked with many people who ended up supporting her in her path. She is also no stranger to the difficulties women face in a pretty male-dominated industry. Accordingly, she has risen to the occasion, putting more passion and effort into her work as a female artist.

Yetsi’s first single was called Flipper, her second single was Dime, and her most recent hit is called Brilla, an R&B song in Spanish. This song is the intro to everything that Yetsi will bring us for the rest of this year. In her future projects, Yetsi plans to continue releasing a series of singles and also create her first album.

“Brilla, my most recent single, is a very intimate song that was written for someone very special to me. It has an R&B rhythm that has motivated me the most.” Yetsi shares.

Most recently, Yetsi has collaborated with female songwriters and music engineers, who continue to inspire her and push her forward. She believes that the music industry needs to take into account more often the opinions and voices of women.

With this in mind, in 2021, Yetsi will continue to work on new music, including her first album, as she moves toward achieving success in the music industry.

“Success is to me the result of a sacrifice made, whether it is sleepless nights or long hours of work dedicated to something. It is waking up happy because you are doing what you love, what moves you.” Yetsi states.

Lastly, for Yetsi it is very important to highlight how crucial teamwork is. Working in a team always helps people achieve more things and get to where we want to go faster. Yetsi is deeply grateful to her producers Ethin Marcelino, Hugo Marcelino and Robbie Meza for working with her to create her latest single Brilla.

Find out more about Yetsi and her music here.


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Famous Singer & Entrepreneur Sahil Sachdeva is Now on Celebyte



Make your loved ones event memorable with Sahil Sachdeva.

All of us want the unique occasions of our loved ones to be memorable and perfect. But we never think about the favourite celebrities wishing on a momentous day considering it would just be a daydream that would never come true. Envisage your favourite Singer Sahil Sachdeva popping up on your phone, wishing you a Happy Birthday, or a congratulatory video message for your friend recorded by none other than his or her favourite celebrity, Sahil. Well, this can now be a reality with Celebyte.

Sahil Sachdeva, Founder & CEO of Level Up Clout, has been taking some time for his fans on social media. This captivating man is an amazing singer, actor and serial entrepreneur.

With numerous hats that he wears, Sahil has also been awarded the Best Performer Award at Singing Star Season 2, CEN, Singapore. Sahil also got featured in the TV show Subcontinent Icon 2k19, Asia’s first-ever cultural reality show with Priyank Sharma as a judge. His achievements are endless, and his massive fandom has no bounds!

The young gentleman is a heartthrob among the growing millennials and has been catching some attention with his latest venture group, Level Up. He has managed to make a fan’s.

Mothers day special through Celebyte, an online platform that connects fans to their favourite celebrities and provides fans to engage with their idols over text message, video message or video call for a price, of course.

Dial Your Favourite, Sahil Sachdeva
What would have been a rather staid stay-at-home affair is now a lit up event when video requests turn up in the fan’s inbox. One such review from a fan was, “It was a 5 minutes long video call, but it was enough to lift my loved one’s mood. She is the biggest fan of Sahil Sachdeva, and it is an event she will always remember for life now.” Beyond Birthdays.

A simple human connection and communication from someone you aspire gives you the motivation and aspiration to achieve things in life. On the Celebyte platform, fans can choose from a host of options like live video calls, pre-recorded video messages, or a text message.

There have been requests for messages for various different reasons like to motivate employees, bring hope to someone tackling an illness, wishing on birthdays and special events, giving tips to a budding entrepreneur/singer, and so on.

Kickbacks Of Being in Celebyte

Sahil shares his reason to join Celebyte, “I can be part of special moments, family celebrations, breaking all sorts of barriers. In this way, I feel I can give back some of the love I receive. And the requests have been so varied, it’s heart-warming – from wishing a supermom on Mother’s day to so many unique scenarios. There is no better peaceful sleep than on those days when I can give back to my dear community of aspiring fans.” You could stay in touch with Sahil Sachdeva and make the life events of your loved ones an entourage. Book from Celebyte now.

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