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Defeat if you respond to the message of WhatsApp



Hackers often find traps to hack WhatsApp accounts. The account can be lost if careless. At the moment they are using a verification code.


Learn how to protect yourself from this


danger. Otherwise your account will be taken over by hackers.

Let’s find out first how hackers get trapped. First you get a code. And it will come from a friend or relative of yours. Along with that, another message will say that he has sent you his verification code by mistake. You have to forward it to him.

and here is the real plot. Not a friend or friend, in fact the hacker gave the message! If you step into that trap, you will lose control of your account. That means your account will be hacked.

So don’t forget and believe any such message. Remember, WhatsApp never sends the verification code to another number. So such a message means that he should be warned immediately as an omen. However, there is a way to escape even if you fall into the trap by mistake.

Know that method: In that

case SMS will come to your phone. Which will contain a 7-digit verification code. From that code, just to log in to WhatsApp again, the WhatsApp opened on another phone will be logged out.

In addition, keep the ‘two-step verification code’ on your phone. Otherwise, if the hacker wants, he can start that method before you take action. In that case you have to wait for 7 days.

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